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Hollow Glass Brick Straight grain

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尺寸: sample size:190*190*80mm

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Hollow Glass Brick Straight grain

Hollow Glass Brick Straight grain

Product Introduction

Glass bricks are transparent materials that are pressed into blocks with transparent or colored glass. There are block solid glass bricks and hollow box shaped glass bricks. The transparent glass tile is actually very good-looking and can be used as a decorative home, but it is not actually used as a decorative material, but as a partition or wall.

Product characteristics
1. Light transmittance The most important thing to select glass tiles is that it has good light transmittance, and transparent glass tiles can introduce light into adjacent Spaces. Suitable for small Spaces with low light.
2. Privacy Another popular feature of glass tiles is the ability to penetrate light and not penetrate people. The level of privacy can be determined by choosing different levels of clarity and transparency. In addition, the sound insulation effect of the glass brick wall is also good, and the closed space can do not interfere with each other.
3. The decorative and transparent shape determines that the glass brick is very versatile, and the effect is very good with different styles. You can't go wrong with plain clear glass tiles paired with white walls.
Two, advantages
1, the construction of simple glass brick itself is a structural material, building walls can be directly built, do not need other materials to build the frame, the construction is relatively simple. If the partition of the glass brick is larger than 15 cm, it is necessary to add a steel bar in the middle to share the force. And choose different styles of glass bricks, the wall can be made straight or curved, according to demand.
2. Be environmentally friendly. Everyone is concerned about the problem of pollution, glass bricks can also be said to be no. The glass itself is harmless to the human body, and the auxiliary materials such as cement and caulking agent used for bonding are dry without the release of harmful substances.
Three, disadvantages
The glass brick can not be cut, and the dimensions of the whole glass brick should be reserved before installation. And in order to avoid damage to the wall structure, the glass wall can not be drilled, and the common hollow glass brick can not fix the hanging material.
Four, the role
1. Bathroom partition. Used in bathroom partitions, it is a very practical application of glass tiles. The clean appearance and waterproof material make glass tiles ideal for bathrooms, giving an alternative to the common integral shower room.
2. Porch lighting. The light in the entryway is generally dim, there are no Windows, and the door is closed for privacy. Insert glass tiles into the wall to brighten up a space with a bit of outdoor light.
3. Decorative aisle and porch lighting the same, dim aisle in addition to the use of light auxiliary lighting.
4. Divide up space. Glass tile partitions can make the space not feel crowded, but also let the family members feel each other's presence. When dividing different functions in the room, do not make the partition too hard.


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Installation Instructions
The role of glass brick support:
It is used to fix the connection of glass bricks, adjust the construction gap between glass bricks, so that each glass brick is in the same horizontal line, and maintain the flatness of the wall.

How to use:
After the cement is filled, the two small white ears of the glass brick support can be twisted off, and then the joint is wiped, and the support is left in the wall, so that the role of the glass brick support is completed. But in the future, it will also shoulder the entire wall
The effect of increasing the rigidity of the wall (a glass brick needs a support is enough!)
Model :3mm.6mm.10mm(the difference lies in positioning and spacing)

Glass hollow brick
Frame can be made of marble, wood, stainless steel can be made of cement mortar or tile glue masonry, the thickness is not required, firm.


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A: We are a one-stop material selection platform for architectural designers. No designer would like to deal with hundreds of factories, would they?

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A: Yes, we are recruiting exclusive regional agents worldwide. Please feel free to inquire.

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A: Our minimum order quantity is usually 50 square meters, depending on different types.

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A: The delivery time is 7-25 days after we receive the full payment, depending on the quantity.

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A: Telegraphic transfer; The sample can be paid directly on the website.

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A: Usually, we need 1-7 days to -prepare the sample.

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A: We can send you the sample, but the shipping fee is required. After confirming the order, we The sample fee will be returned. and determine the return amount of sample shipping costs based on the order amount. Please rest assured.


sample size:190*190*80mm

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